Great River Bunker Rake and Ball Retriever

It’s happened to every golfer: You’ve just hit a shot out a bunker and then realize the nearest rake is 40 yards away.

Or you’ve watched your brand-new ball roll into the water, and it’s just staring at you from the lake, where you can’t reach it without getting wet.

The Bunker Rake and Ball Retriever is the answer.

It’s a rake with a folding head and a telescopic handle that stretches to 9 feet and is tined on one side and smooth on the other enabling golfers to rake a bunker well enough to make a caddie proud. The Bunker Rake and Ball Retriever folds vertically to fit nicely into your golf bag.

The tool also doubles as a ball retriever when rake head is unfolded enabling you to rescue your ball from its watery grave.

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$24.90 – shipping included